Delicious home cooked meals are prepared by Bikur Cholim community volunteers and are delivered to the doorsteps of cholim and their families. Meals are available for families after the birth of a new child, while a family member is in the hospital, at home recuperating from a surgery, or while dealing with an illness etc. Special care is taken to prepare menus that are appropriate and helpful for each family’s unique needs; and to this end, our coordinators are careful to ask about any dietary restrictions, allergies and general preferences before arranging meal preparations.


Rides to and from medical appointments are provided for cholim, the elderly and those in need. Rides are available to local Passaic and Clifton destinations as well as to Hackensack, Englewood, Manhattan and other medical hubs, as necessary. Rides are provided primarily by community volunteers and are designed for individuals who are unable to take public transportation or do not have family support available to assist them. Please allow 48 hours notice to help ensure service availability.


We strive to provide caring hospital or home support for multi-stressed and overwhelmed families. In the home, our respite services may include assistance with child-care or household maintenance needs. We have many local high school volunteers who are available to help children with homework, or play the role of big brother/big sister for children who require additional nurturing and attention because of complex family situations. We also try to meet requests for keeping a choleh company during the day or over-night if they are afraid or unable to be alone, or simply need a little “TLC”. At the hospital, respite may take the form of providing respite to parents of a child who can not stay at the hospital around the clock, but would prefer their child not to be unattended. This might include staying with a child overnight, or simply visiting for an hour or two while a parent davens, gets something to eat, or attends to the needs of other children. When absolutely necessary, Bikur Cholim can also provide paid professionals to assist with these tasks.


Bikur Cholim has funding available to help families/individuals cover the costs of medical care that is not covered by insurance and would otherwise be unaffordable to them. Completion of an application including detailed information about applicant’s current financial condition is required to help determine eligibility.


Bikur Cholim rooms can be found at these five local hospitals. Click on each hospital to view instructions on how to access the rooms:




The rooms are fully stocked with drinks, snacks and some have limited sleeping accommodations. Please click on the hospital to access the bikur cholim room's information and which organization to contact for more information. Please contact the Bikur Cholim with any additional questions. 


The Bikur Cholim has a full stock of wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, crutches, canes, scooters and other medical equipment. They are available for loan at no charge.


St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center sponsors and runs the "Rainbows of Hope" program which offers FREE gynecological exams and mammograms, as well as cervical, prostate and colorectal screenings, for individuals who are struggling financially and do not have access to health insurance. 


You can register by calling: 973-754-2705

The screenings take place at: St Joseph's Regional Medical Center 11 Getty Ave. DePaul Ambulatory Care Center Paterson, NJ 07503

*Please note: That while we have already received positive feedback from community members who have taken advantage of this program, we are in no way endorsing the program, we are simply making its existence known to those who may wish to explore it further.


New toys and games are distributed to children of underprivileged families and those touched by illness.